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Fastest Cars In the World

Back in March I wrote a post listing the 11 Fastest Cars in the World. It was hugely popular (and still is,) but I’ve received so many comments telling me that the list isn’t accurate anymore. I plan to do another comprehensive post on this in the future, but for now here is a quick update on the fastest production cars in the world, ranked by top speed. On the last post, I also received a lot of comments about cars such as the Lingenfelter Corvette being faster. Just like the last list, this is only for production cars. Fastest cars in the world:

SSC Ultimate Aero


Top Speed: 256 mph
Horsepower: 1183
Torque: 1094lbs
On September 13th, 2007, the SSC Ultimate Aero broke the official top speed world record, traveling 256.18 mph down a closed section of a Washington State highway. Impressive, considering the Ultimate Aero’s engine is only a twin-turbo V8 - half the size and turbo count of the Veyron below.

Bugatti Veyron

Bugatti Veyron

Top Speed: 253 mph
Horsepower: 1001
Torque: 479lbs
No introduction is needed for the amazing Bugatti Veyron. Powered by a W-16 style, quad-turbo engine, the Veyron is commonly considered the Ultimate Supercar.

Koenigsegg CCX

Koenigsegg CCX
Top Speed: 250 mph
900 Horsepower
My personal favorite of the bunch, the Swedish Koenigsegg CCX is pure adrenaline. I’d probably give up a kidney to own one.

Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo

Saleen S7 TT
Top Speed: 248 mph
750 Horsepower
The popular Mustang tuner Saleen has really made a name for themselves in the Supercar world with the amazing S7. The Twin-Turbo version really steps up their game. It should be exciting to see where they go from here.

McLaren F1

McLaren F1
Top Speed: 240.14
620 Horsepower
Probably the most amazing car on the list, the McLaren F1 was first built over 13 years ago, and is still on this list.

Ferrari Enzo

Ferrari Enzo
Top Speed: 217 mph
657 Horsepower
I wonder how Ferrari felt when they sold the car for $660,000 new and were immediately sold second-hand for over $1.3 Million each.

Jaguar XJ220

Jaguar XJ220
Top Speed: 217 mph
549 Horsepower
Along with the McLaren F1, the Jaguar XJ220 has been around for a long time (1992,) and it’s amazing that it’s still on the list. Be sure to check out the Pininfarina version as well.

Pagani Zonda F

Pagani Zonda Roadster
Top Speed: 215 mph
602 Horsepower
Right up there with the Koenigsegg on my “first cars I would own if I had the money” list, the Pagani Zonda F is one awesome car. The Zonda R is still close on the horizon, so expect to see the Pagani name higher up the next “fastest cars” list.
Hopefully that satisfies you all until the 2008 Fastest Cars list. Perhaps by then Pagani will build the Zonda R, McLaren will have made a decision on their next Supercar, and maybe Bugatti or Koenigsegg will decide it’s time to overtake the Ultimate Aero.

Lamborghini Murcielago

Lamborghini Murcielago LP640
Top Speed: 213
633 Horsepower
I think VCars got a little bit confused here. The title suggests they mean the standard Murcielago, but the top speed and pictures tell us they’re talking about the LP640. Let’s clear this up a bit…the horsepower on the LP640 is 640 (hence the name,) and the hp rating on the standard Murcielago is 580.

Porsche Carrera GT

Porsche Carerra GT
Top Speed: 209 mph
605 Horsepower
Porsche’s fastest, most attractive (and most expensive) car to date comes in at #9.

McLaren Mercedes SLR

Mercedes McLaren SLR
Top Speed: 207 mph
626 Horsepower


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