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Ebbsfleet International - The fastest route to France & Europe

Ebbsfleet is one of the first highspeed railway stations for domestic travel in the UK, taking only 17 minutes to London St Pancras. The highspeed JAVELIN service was launched on 29th June 2009 and on 13th December 2009 the offical launch of kent coastly trains too.

Ashford International is a new railway station located in the United Kingdom in the heart of Kent off the M20 motorway. Ashford railway station is the ideal access point from the UK to Europe.
Ashford International train station has over 2,000 car parking spaces. Rail offers lower carbon dioxide emissions than on flights from an airport. The airport style station has several train terminals for international and domestic trains, domestic services go to London, St Pancras and Ashford International. 

Paris has an extensive domestic rail network with 6 main train stations in the centre, and 2 stations in the suburbs that have TGV links (Marne la Vallée-Chessy and the Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport). Gare du Nord is the Eurostar terminus. Trains between Paris and Ebbsfleet run around 30 times a day Monday-Friday, and 40 times a day Saturdays and Sundays. 

Eurostar trains between St Pancras International and Paris have average journey times of 2 hours, 15 minutes, making travel by highspeed rail very popular and convenient. Paris in spring is a famous time for tourists to visit, and autumn and Christmas are also good to book tickets for, with the Montmartre Wine Festival. 

Paris is known as “the city of love”, ideal for a romantic getaway or as a family, and world-famous for its quality foods, especially wine and cheeses. It has an estimated 30 million visitors every year. There are about two thousand hotels to choose from, such as Le Bristol (known to be one of the best hotels).
According to a survey of 1400 visitors to the city, Paris hosts the best cuisine in Europe; it is also full of many historical and beautiful sights to see, with 2000 years of art and history. One of France’s most famous and respected chefs, Pierre Gagnaire, owns a restaurant in the city; another popular restaurant is Ratatouille close to the Grand Boulevards subway.


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