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Pay Per Affiliate Bussiness

It is indeed The program is already a bit long ..... But my first prove whether true or not and it turns out ..... .. true hunting $ $ $ through this program

Please refer to the first:
A website that provides payments to you if you give a review / comment on the products they sell on their websites. Simply give a brief review of who uses the English language.
Just click this live list

Click on the "Register" to register
1. Enter a nickname, your email, create a password and select the "please choose"
with google or forums etc. Please check your email to confirm your account Focalprice.

2. Please log in and get your referral link. Promote your link and invite others to join from your link.
3. You will earn 100 points each referring new members, 20 points if it had a review a product, 15 points if you upload a photo.
100 points = $ 1

4. You can use points to buy products that are available, the example he clicks on the "Promotion" and select the product you wish to buy.

5. Then select "add to chart", enter yan point will be used to buy goods, select payment by Paypal only, select "checkout" to make payment and follow the payment process to completion and the products you order will be mailed to your address based on the data your Paypal account. 

6. Points can also be exchanged with cash for a minimum of 1000 points = $ 10. Your condition must have been doing at least one time product orders. You can click on the "My message - Submit a ticket" and input the title of "exchange points for cash" and enter the data your Paypal username and email. So FocalPrice will send you on your Paypal dollars in your account data point.

** If want to get cashout from FocalPrice, your condition must have been doing product orders at least one time, I buy the cheapest products worth $ 0.01 in FocalPrice.
Products can use the Paypal payment, ato using focalPoint (points from the review of the product) ** Click here to buy products that cost just $ 0.01

7. Focalprice many provide products with very low prices, and payments using paypal, so it is quite reliable and guaranteed not fraud because the program has been verified by paypal.

8. I ask for payment and a direct test of the process within 24 hours. 

How much is the focal goods price?
In the focal goods price, prices vary, the price ranging from $ 0.01 to hundreds of dollars. So therefore you did expenditure on the focal goods price, which cost about $ 0.01-$ 2 only. Goods will be sent to your home approximately one week, the cost of shipping from there for free. You can pay for these products using your Paypal account / using the FocalPoint gained from a product review.


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